5 Important Reasons Why You Should Carry A Tactical Flashlight For Self-Defense
REASON #1: Illuminate Dark Areas
At first this might seem like common sense - obviously a flashlight would illuminate a dark space,.. but what the public doesn’t understand is the importance of adopting the mindset of ‘all dark holes contain threats’.

A 700+ Lumen light will allow you to perceive threats at a safe distance, to be fully aware, and be alert of your surroundings.

Always ‘clear’ an area! Whether your taking walks at night, walking the dog during dusk, or hearing a strange noise in the house. Always make sure to 'CLEAR' an area before proceeding.  Clearing an area will increase your chance of safety and unknowingly walk into an ambush.
REASON #2: Shine To Defend
With todays technology -  certain flashlights are starting to carry high intensity LED light technology that when shined into an attackers eyes will immediately disorient them for up to 1 second. If the attackers eyes are night adapted the attacker will experience blinding of up to 2-4 seconds. 

1 second might not seem like a lot of time - but it is enough time to disorient any attacker, execute an immediate kick to the groin and move away from the threat while shouting for help and alerting the surrounding public.
REASON #3: Durable
Besides the light - you’ll want a flashlight that has ‘weight’ to it! If an attack does occur, you’ll want to have something close at hand that can 10x the strength of your hits. 

This can easily be done by closing a fist around your flashlight. You’ll want to make sure the flashlight comes with a griping texture to the skin to make sure when tightly gripped it doesn’t slip out of your hand giving the attacker the upper hand!

It’ll also need to be durable, such as aircraft grade aluminum which wont crack or break on impact like a plastic flashlight would.
REASON #4: Rigid Points
Ridged points allow for a blow to the neck causing instant injury to the attacker. A direct hit to the neck will hit vital lines of life and will alter their state for a suppressed amount of time allowing you to escape. 

REASON #5: Alert Oncoming Traffic
Many times we are alone while driving and unfortunately an alarming number of fatal injuries occur after dark. Every year more than 40,000 people die and over one million are injured in road crashes. 

So what does those statistics have to do with flashlights?

A great resource to warn oncoming traffic is to ‘ALERT’ them of a oncoming hazard. Considering that you might be alone during an after dark breakdown you would want to turn on the strobe mode of your flashlight and point it 10 degrees off center from oncoming traffic. This way you will be able to alert them and also not blind them with the powerful lumens. 

In fact - most accidents followed by police with activate flares to warn traffic. This is the same technique used by directing a strobe towards oncoming traffic to warn them of the upcoming hazard! 

YES! After over 1 year of searching, we finally came across a tactical flashlight we’re more than satisfied with!

It’s called a G700 Tactical Grade Flashlight. 

Here’s Why It Made Our Qualification List:

It’s Durable! The Tactical G700 is made of aircraft grade aluminum which is then coated with a hard black anodized finish,.. withstanding being run over by a 15 TON Ladder Firetruck, a massive blow to a concrete wall, Height Test, and other torture tests! 

The Tactical G700 is quite strong to say the least!
It’s Versatile! There are 5 modes on the Tactical G700. 

  • HIGH BEAM - 700 Lumens
  • MEDIUM BEAM - 500 Lumens
  • LOW BEAM - 200 Lumens
  • STROBE - 700 Lumens Strobe
  • S.O.S. - 700 Lumens S.O.S.
It Uses 3 AAA Batteries. If you know anything about flashlights, most use a CR123 Battery which hard to come by, but why we really love the fact that the Tactical G700 can take AAA’s is because most households already have AAA’s laying around the house or know where to find some!

It fits perfectly in your hand! 
We had everyone in the office feel out the Tactical G700 Flashlight. The most common comment we received was it fit snug in their hands, super easy to grip because of the defined texture built into the outer casing, and wasn’t bulky!

It’s Shockingly Bright! Every time I take out the Tactical G700 Flashlight at night and show my family and friends just how bright it is - they are shockingly amazed because it literally turns night into day with its 700 Blinding Lumens of Light!   

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